Event Deadlines

If you have any questions regarding this event, please email Baseball@scrapyardsports.com.


Thank you for choosing to play at Scrap Yard Sports!  In attempt to provide the best experience for you and your families here at our facility, we will be sending out schedules by the Tuesday prior to the weekend of play at the latest.  If the tournament fills prior to the deadline the schedule will be sent out as soon as possible.  Once these tournaments fill, we will have a waitlist for teams to be added.  We encourage you to go ahead and enter yourself in the event to be waitlisted as they will be chosen on a first come first serve basis.  Please remember that we will do our best to accommodate your teams play requests, however not every request will be able to be met.  If you ask to be removed from an event after the add/drop deadline, your team will be required to pay the tournament entry fee.  Any questions please email baseball@scrapyardsports.com.

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  • Deadlines
    • Registration Closes and Waitlist Begins
      • At 8:00am the Monday prior to the event. 
      • The Registration will close and all teams that register after that point will be added to the Event Waitlist. If any openings become available, the teams on the waitlist will be moved into those spots on a first come first serve basis. 
      • If you are registered on the waitlist for an event, you are not guaranteed a spot in that Event. 
      • Once the schedules are confirmed, you will be notified if there are any openings or if the event is full. 
    • Tournament Entry Charged to Credit Card on File
      • Credit Cards will be charged for the tournament entry fee after the Schedules are sent out. 
    • Schedule Requests
      • 10:00am the Sunday prior to the event.
      • Any Schedule Requests sent after this deadline are not guaranteed to be honored. 
      • All schedule requests must be sent to Baseball@scrapyardsports.com to be considered valid. 
    • Dropping a Team from the Event
      • 10:00am the Monday prior to the event.
      • If a team drops out of the event after the 10:00am Deadline, they will be charged the Registration Fee for the event and it is not subject to a refund. 
      • Any team that drops from an event after the deadline is subject to being banned from future Scrap Yard Sports Events. 
  • Rules
    • USSSA Rules will be used for Scrap Yard Sports Events unless otherwise stated. This will apply to game rules, substitutions, pitching limitations, allowed bats, and player eligibility. 
    • 2016 USSSA Baseball Rules
  • Rosters / Player Eligibility
    • All players must be listed on the EZ Facility Roster that is managed by the Coach or Team Leader (the person that completes the registration for the tournament.)
      • If you do not have access to your team's roster page to update your team roster, please email Baseball@scrapyardsports.com with your team name, coach's name, and age division and a roster management link will be sent to you.
      • MeaganMW@scrapyardsports.com
    • Rosters will be locked on the Friday prior to the event (or day prior to event start date) at 12:00pm and cannot be updated during the event. 
    • Coaches must have birth certificates on hand and are subject to be checked throughout the event. There will be random and unannounced birth certificate checks by the tournament staff, and teams found with ineligible players will forfeit their entry into the event.
  • Park Policies
    • Please take the time to look over the Park Policies for Scrap Yard Sports prior to attending the event. These policies are enforced at all times. 
    • Important policies to be aware of...
      • No outside food or drinks are allowed inside the gate. This includes coffee, gatorade, and team coolers.
      • Pets are not permitted at Scrap Yard Sports. Please be sure to leave all animals at home and do not leave any fur babies in your vehicle on the premises. Scrap Yard Sports withholds the right to call the authorities to free any animals left in closed vehicles. 
      • Beer is sold at Scrap Yard Sports after 10:00am. Any customers that wish to purchase beer must have a Valid ID to do so. If you wish to partake, please be sure to have your ID on your person when you come to the register. 
    • Park Policies Page

If you have any further questions on this event, do not hesitate to email us at Baseball@scrapyardsports.com.

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How are Team Standings Decided During Pool Play?

  1. Points
    • Teams are awarded 3 points per win and 1 point per tie. 
    • The team with the most tournament points will be listed first. 
  2. Runs Against
    • The team with the fewest number of runs scored against them will be listed first. 
  3. Runs Scored
    • The team with the highest number of runs scored will be listed first. 
  4. Score Difference
    • The Runs scored against a team will be subtracted from the number of Runs the Team scored.
    • The team with the highest score difference will be listed first. 
  5. Head to Head
    • In the event of a tie, Head to Head will calculate which team had the most wins against the team(s) they are tied with and put the team with the most wins at the top. 
  6. Winning Percentage
    • The team with the highest winning percentage will be at listed first. 
  7. Coin Toss
    • In the event that there is still a tie after all Tie Breaking Criterion have been used, the tie will be broken with a coin toss.