Weather Updates

Weekday Practice Weather Policy

  • The decision to close the facility is made based on the forecast provided by Accuweather for Oak Ridge North, TX. If the Accuweather forecast does NOT exceed a 50% chance of rain for at least 3 hours during the 5:00pm-10:00pm window as of 4:00pm that same day, then the park will remain open for practices. 
  • There is always the possibility for extenuating circumstances when it comes to weather. Please be sure to check your email for any updates regarding facility closure. 

Cold Weather Policy

  • If the temperature is below 32 degrees based on the Accuweather Real Feel Indicator then any scheduled practices that will be effected by the low temperature will be eligible for make-up. The make-up policy will be the same as that listed above for Rain-Outs. 
  • If a session is able to complete 1.5 hours in temperatures above 32 degrees then they will not be eligible for reschedule. 

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