Helpful Steps to Rent Sessions

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Rent Multiple 30 Minute Cage Sessions

  1. Go to the Cages Page
  2. Click "Buy" next to your desired package type
  3. Type in the number of 30 minute sessions you would like to purchase
  4. Complete the check out / payment process
  5. Go to the "Book Sessions" page (
  6. Check the schedule for today for Cage Times. They will be listed in green. 
    1. Light green is for the Regular Cages that don't have a pitching machine ($15.00 / half hour)
    2. Dark green is for the Machine Cages that have automatic feed pitching machines ($30.00 / half hour)
  7. Then you just need to click on each session you would like to schedule one by one and click "Book" in the bottom right hand corner of the pop up window. This will schedule you into the session using the package you purchased in Steps 1-3.
    1. If you click on the session and it doesn't give you a "Book" option in the bottom right hand corner, then you have clicked on a session that doesn't match the package type you purchased. 
  8. You can confirm what sessions you have booked by going to the "My Schedule" page on the Self Service Site ( This will show you all of the sessions you are currently scheduled into. If your cage time isn't showing up there, you haven't been scheduled into your desired session. 

Cancel Booking and Place Credits Back on Account 

  1. Cage or Field Reservations can be cancelled / rescheduled up to 60 minutes before their scheduled start time. After that, the session will no longer be eligible for cancellation / reschedule
  2. Go to the "My Schedule" page of the Self Service Site (
  3. Click on the session(s) you would like to cancel. 
  4. When the pop up window appears, click on Cancel in the bottom right hand corner. 
    • These sessions will be available for use for 90 days from purchase date.
    • After 90 days they will expire
    • Note: This doesn't include the SYA Dozen Package for Cages (12 sessions for the price of 10). That package must be used within 1 month of purchase date or it will expire.